I’m Tamara (rhymes with camera) I know, I know

I’m the photographer behind Silver Thumb Photo, this is my heart’s work and I absolutely love what I do.

I'm a I’m mama to 2 beautiful little humans and two dogs. I love good local farm-to-table food, yoga, and being surrounded by all things nature.

I would be honored to be a part of your day. I know how much heart and soul are poured into planning your wedding and it is such a joy to share in that. I will show up excited to capture the essence of it all.

I appreciate the timeless beauty film captures and strive to emulate that in my work. In a darkroom, developing black and white prints, is where I first fell in love with photography. Photo paper and film are made with silver halide crystals.. some people have green thumbs, I like to think I have a silver one.


my documenting Style

Heartfelt + Authentic. These are the words that come to me when I think about my work and process. I highlight the joy, the laughter, tears, and also look for the quiet and tender moments. I also really value well-planned portrait. In those times where more direction is needed, I follow the light to a good location and try to capture authentic expressions and personality. I'm told often that I bring a calming presence to the day.

ovER a decade of Experience

I'm so grateful to have been given the gift of making a career out of something that I love. This is my 17th year of photographing some of the most important day of my couples' lives. I have photographed in all different types of venues, lighting, weather, etc. and I come prepared for anything. I love that each shoot brings new personalities, fresh visions, colors and possibilities.